Curiosity about life and its differences and similarities, to take part in the local traditions that make Italy's regions so different and characteristic. In Lombardy and there is a large production of cheese, only in Valle Brembana more cheeses are produced than can fit in a cheese counter and of the region's total of 11 DOP marked cheeses  , as many as 6 are from Valle Brembana. The wine, the red Valcaleppio is  starting to develop and really take a place on the wine lists, if you have not tasted the sweet red dessert wine Moscato di Scanzo and a really nice aged Grappa, then you have something to look forward to Our neighboring valley Valtellina has an exceptional location for its Nebbiolo grape,  which here, just like in Piedmont, produces fantastically fine wines.
Around Brescia and Lake Iseo, we have Italy's most secret wine route - the Francia map . A bubbly wine made entirely according to the champagne method, il metodo classico, and with the consortium's regulation of grapes, area and artisanal production, the wine Franciacorta has become a clear upstart to French Champagne.

With careful hand, they have renovated the old thermal bath. Here, the old cultural-historical heritage from the early 20th century is mixed with modernities that suit today's guests. A little behind the village's main street and a few steps up is the magnificent entrance with a welcoming tranquility and a nice view from the large outdoor pools. Inside are several floors with water in all forms; showers, bubbles, foot baths, hot tubs and saunas of all kinds. The relaxation department takes inspiration from the valley with different rooms that have themes such as fire, water, ice, mountains and the history of the village.

On our Easy Active trips, we get around by bike or on foot. Easier bike rides on asphalt roads or on foot towards one of our nearest mountain peaks. Hiking and cycling tours are adapted and can, for example, pass one of our local dairies  or the nice village Cornello dei Tasso which was one of the valley's most strategic villages during the Venetian era and trade with Europe.
The cycle path along the Brembo River is the old railway that now benefits many. It leads to Bergamo city and we are happy to cycle on a day trip to Bergamo  to experience the charming city with our guide Helen. Helen guides us through the alleys of Bergamo and tells the story of the area and the city, from Roman times, via the Venetians and Mussolini to the present and everyday life.